Bath friendly pasta (10-12 mins in total!)

I didn’t intend to share this recipe, but it was surprisingly tasty. I was surprised as I decided to run a bath after I got back from the gym and then remembered I hadn’t eaten.  Obviously I wasn’t going to stop the bath running, so I had to make some food in the time it took to fill the tub. A challenge.

And this is what happened!

so fast!

so fast it’s blurred!

So how to create this swift masterpiece?!

  1. Put the pasta in a pan with some salted water. Turn on hob and cook as normal.
  2. Cut up the bacon, mushrooms, a wee bit of onion (1/4 maybe), broccoli, courgette and chuck it all in a pan all at once to cook up a little.
  3. Add 1 garlic clove (chopper crushed, whatever)   I didn’t use any oil because there was none left, but the bacon provided plenty lovely fat for frying.
  4. After 5 mins, chuck in the tinned tomatoes (I used cherry) and 2 more garlic cloves. Let bubble for 2 mins.
  5. Add in lemon juice, honey and tabasco, and some black pepper if you fancy
Make it in the time it takes to fill tub

Make it in the time it takes to fill tub

Was it nice?

I had loads left over for lunch the next day and gave some to my friend Aoife, who said she thought it was tasty. A few other team mates commented that it smelled nice and pinched some of the tomatoes.

A good sign I think.


You could use any veg you like for this I just used what was in the fridge, it’d be great with fresh pasta too.

Just ideal.

Also my bath was lovely. I was in a carb-coma so slept like a baby afterwards.


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